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Thursday, 05 May 2016 12:07

Excellence awards are an honour bestowed upon a student to acknowledge a higher level of exhibited talent or those who, through hard work and resilience have achieved recognisable success in different fields.

On this auspicious occasion, we extend our sincere gratitude to the parents and guardians who have chosen Kabojja international school.

As the head teachers explain, when parents and guardians bring their children to our school, they are expecting the school to help them achieve good academic grades through the British Curriculum. But we also know that academics are not the only aspect that parents want to inculcate into these young minds.

Therefore at Kabojja international school, not only do we consider the academic and intrinsic growth of a child; we also nurture the physical and psycho-social development in co-curricular activities such as sports, games, music, dance, drama, poetry, discipline, and integrity.

One of our key selling points is the emphasis on good discipline, morals, good habits, adequate attention to one’s health and wellbeing whilst respecting the rights of others. It is from these and other aspects that we are able to identify outstanding learners. As our theme suggests, we believe in taking strides with a positive attitude.

Our Director and Principal share the Vision, Mission and where the school will focus its growth, while the Heads of Departments give us a birds eye view of the British curriculum.

We wish to appreciate our sponsors and partners without whom our being would not be supported. A multitude of thanks go to Cavendish University, Victoria University, ICEA, Cassia lodge and Wave Media Graphics who have sponsored this event.

Today, we are celebrating the achievers of these high ideals. The Kabojja community has identified students with outstanding attributes. Let us therefore celebrate these accolades, medals, and certificates for those who strive to achieve.

To our excellent awardees, congratulations to you upon your success. Your sweat has reaped sweet. Enjoy the light and sunshine that your awards brings into your life…

Barbara Byahurwa Tumusiime

Public Relations Officer



Thursday, 05 May 2016 12:06

Dear Parent/Guardian, I send you greetings on behalf of the Kabojja International School management team. I thank the Almighty God for keeping all of us safe and healthy as a family. We acknowledge the support you render to our institution as instrumental stake holders. I thank both the teaching and the nonteaching staff for the great work done this term. Our learners have been busy with both academic and co-curricular activities and we have registered tremendous success.


Term Two 2016 ends on Thursday 24th March, 2016 and the school re-opens for Term Three on Tuesday 19th April 2016. The Boarding learners will be expected to report back on Monday 18th April 2016. However, all the IGCSE and GCE May/ June 2016 candidates (Year 11, 12 & 13 learners) are breaking off today; Friday 18th March, and must report back on Monday 11th April. This arrangement is to give our candidates sufficient time to prepare for their final examinations. The French Language Speaking Examination, Art and Design coursework and ICT practical examinations are scheduled for this period ahead of their non-coursework examinations.

The May/June 2016IGCSE/GCE (AS – A’ level) candidates sat their Mock Examinations and the results were released on the 3rd March 2016; during the Parent – Teacher conference. They did not sit End of term examinations but they have been subjected to a series of preparatory tests. All the other learners sat their End of Term two examinations. The reports will be ready for picking on Friday; 8th April 2016.


I thank the parents and guardians who have always honored our invitation and attended school events. Your support and physical presence is a great morale booster to our learners and is pivotal to our success.

The Parent – Teacher Conference held on Thursday 3rd March and The Annual Awards day held on Friday 11th March 2016 were both fruitful. The next Parent – Teacher conference will be held on Thursday 2nd June 2016; and the Graduation Day will be Saturday 11th June 2016. Please reserve these days for us.

MAY/JUNE 2016 IGCSE/GCE – ‘A’ LEVEL (AS &A2) EXAMINATIONS The May/June 2016 non – coursework examinations begin on 27th April and will run up to the 10th June 2016. All candidates have received their statements of entries that specify all dates of their examinations.


After the IGCSE/GCE examinations, our learners will go for work experience / Internship from 27th June – 15th July during their Summer Holiday. Many of them have got placement in different corporate organizations here in Kampala; in Nairobi, Kigali, and Bujumbura. We shall be grateful if you offer us chances in your organizations for the career development of our children. This gives the man exposure to their dream careers.


We thank all the parents and guardians who managed to accomplish their financial obligations as planned. Fees demand notes have been issued to learners with outstanding school fees balances. Kindly endeavor to clear these dues during this break. All Candidate learners (Y11, Y12 & Y13) are required to have cleared all the outstanding fees balances before being allowed to sit for Examinations. Please ignore these reminders if you have already cleared the balance.

I wish you all Happy Easter Holidays.

Thursday, 05 May 2016 11:57

This proverb highlights the importance of games and sports in our lives. Kabojja International School organises ‘Annual Sports Day’ every year in January. We at Kabojja International School-Junior Section help and encourage students to participate in the ‘Annual Sports Day’. The Theme for this year’s event was “Cultivating a positive attitude for a healthy mind and body”. Sports help to improve both physical and mental strength. We try to instill in our learners the importance of sports and that it helps us keep fit and healthy.

Our students participated in various competitive sports activities for the various age groups. The various sporting activities included Hoop “R” us, Crocodiles & Alligators, Obstacle Race, Kangaroo Jump and many others. The participating students displayed their ability through these sports. The winners of these games got a sense of pride and achievement but more importantly, all participants were recognised.

Our appreciation goes to those parents that made the time and attended our Sports day. Their participation, enthusiasm made the day colourful and more enjoyable.

Thursday, 28 January 2016 15:11

Dear Parents/Guardians, our learners, the teaching and non-teaching staff, I welcome you all back from the term one Holidays.

I trust we all had a good time with the family members and we have come back ready for term two academic year 2015 - 2016. We thank God for shielding us through the December festive season. I send condolences to those who lost dear members of their families.

Term two 2015 – 2016 academic year officially opens today the 5th January 2016. I acknowledge the increased participation of Parents and Guardians in school activities; both academic and non-academic.

The main events this term include: the sports day – 22nd January, the Parent – Teacher conference and Mid – Term Examinations report collection on Thursday 3rd March and the Annual Awards Day – 11th March 2016. I urge you all to mark these school events on your calendars and heed them. All these activities will run in the guise of the Year theme “ Positive Attitude – Successful Future!”

At KIS, we believe all learners have unique talents and we are committed to building responsible Global citizens of tomorrow through the learner-centered approach of motivation and positive reinforcement of great work and good behavior.


As communicated earlier, all candidates are reminded to clear all the school fees for term two and pay the examination fees to register for the May / June CIE examinations. Late entry penalties will be charged on candidates for any entries after 30th January accordingly.


I sincerely apologize for all inconveniences caused by the delay in delivery of uniforms by our suppliers. However as of 5th January, all learners should be able to pick up full sets of their uniforms. I once again thank all our dear parents/Guardians for your generous contributions in educating the future generation. I wish you all a happy and prosperous year 2016.

Most sincerely,

Opuwa Emmanuel Ekwam


Thursday, 28 January 2016 15:06

Happy New Year! I hope that you and your families enjoyed the rainbow seasoned holiday, and that 2016 will bring you many exciting opportunities.


Term II begins on a physical note for all the students with training for our inter-house Annual sports day scheduled for 22nd January 2016, starting as early as the first week. We appeal to all parents and guardians to fully support us by ensuring that the learners wear the appropriate uniform on the allocated days.

Year six mock examinations are scheduled for Monday 23rd – Thursday 25th February 2016. All parents are urged to support the year six learners effectively especially with revision.

Our Science Week is scheduled for 8th - 12th February and the students will be engaged in various projects. Please guide and assist them with the projects when the time comes.

School timings for the students.

The students are expected at school by 7:30am and departure time is; 12:30 for lower school, 2:15 for early years and 3:15 for the upper school.

I urge all parents and guardians to always pick up the children on time. Picking the learners late, especially the young ones interferes with their routine and they do not get as much rest as they need. Also, the school runs on a strict routine and the teachers have to prepare for the following day which is disrupted by supervising the learners that are still in school.

Please note; No child is expected in school after 4:00pm.

I thank all those parents who supported their children in the Kampala kids run last December 2015 in the bid to raise funds towards improving literacy for children in Karamoja.

I anticipate a wonderful term and wish you all the best.




Wednesday, 27 January 2016 15:50

What a busy but rewarding term this has been! Although our academic year has just begun, the normal year is coming to a close. What does this mean to us? That we still have a chance to start afresh; New Year, New Resolutions!

In this issue of our newsletter, we bring you among others; Lauryn Mwebesa’s report on the the recent trip to Ssese Island, Lisa Kanyomozi’s report about the School’s visit to Katuuso Community school, Musa Mugume’s sports report and Joyce Uwase’s write up about the barbeque that we all so much enjoyed.

The Head teacher’s message is rich in noteworthy information, a message from the Deputy Head Teacher/Head of Curriculum, our feature teacher, the head of English Department, and a word of motivation from our Public Relations Officer. The Junior Section also has a wealth of information to share with you from the Head teacher, Ms. Rakeshi, Ms. Tindi, and the learners, about the different activities that have transpired in the second half of this term.

On behalf of the Kabojja community I congratulate our dear teachers and colleagues; Ms. Joweria and Ms. Olivia upon their newly born babies. Please take note of the term two Calendar. I wish you a very happy festive season and a prosperous 2016!

Donah M Amanyabyona

Head - Editorial Team

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