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Why Study at KIS


In addition to having a cool study atmosphere, an international reputation, other facilities include; Quality meals (both African and English food); Modern resource center with fast internet; A good science laboratory; Affirmative class rooms of not more than 20 learners with quality instructors. Teachers use white boards, projectors and smart boards in delivering their lessons.

Boarding Houses

Resident learners are accommodated in exquisite boarding houses rather than traditional dormitories. Learners live a family life in boarding houses by working together under the supervision of boarding matrons and wardens who are teachers. We allow weekly boarding but learners from distant areas are housed fully.

Our pastrol team in boarding houses narture the learner to grow with a warm and supportive heart.

Child Welfare and Development

The Tutorial System
Each learner at Kabojja International School is entitled to a personal tutor who acts as a parent and a career advisor. Tutors check on the tutees daily and discuss as a family. Learners are expected to be candid and express their concerns, exchange ideas, breakdown social barriers between themselves and their teachers as they receive guidance.

Health Care

The school provides first hand medical care but strongly encourage parents to secure a health insurance scheme with an international recognized hospital. Incase of any medical examination beyond the schools’ capacity, the cost is transferred to the parent/guardian.


Non-resident learners are provided with transport to and from the school at a cost. For convenience, the learner has to fit into the route map allocated.

Spiritual Development

Kabojja International School welcomes learners of all religious beliefs and aims to develop each leaner’s understanding of a personal faith.


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A learner in lower secondary/ Cambridge secondary 1, offers a number of subjects which introduces him/her to the main curriculum content of the middle secondary.

These subjects include: Mathematics; Science (Biology; Physics; Chemistry) English Language; Literature in English; History; Geography; Languages (French, Arabic); Physical Education; ICT; Drama and Performing Arts; Lamba; Citizenship; Religious Education; Sociology; Art and Design.

A learner is helped to attain a good background in the basic curriculum. After achieving a relatively sound foundation, teachers guide the learners in year 9 to select suitable subjects for IGCSE Year 10.

Middle Secondary / Cambridge Secondary 2 (Year 10 & 11)

Learners in this level normally take eight subjects chosen from the following: Biology; Physics; Chemistry; Mathematics; Economics; History; English Language; English Literature; Geography; Languages (French, Swahili, Arabic); Sociology; Information Technology; Commerce; Sociology; Art and Design; Business Studies; Accounts.

Upper Secondary / Cambridge Advanced Level Programs

GCE, AS, AICE – Diplomas, Cambridge Pre- University provide opportunities for admission into major Universities. The program is ideal for learners wishing to pursue higher education with in and out side African continent. The subjects offered at this level include; Biology; Physics; Chemistry; Mathematics; Economics; History; English Language; English Literature; Geography; French; German; Arabic; Sociology; Art and design; Computing; Business Studies; General Paper.


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Senior School

The school provides an international -UK- Cambridge curriculum with classes in Cambridge Secondary 1 (Year 7,8 & 9), Cambridge Secondary 2 (Year 10 & 11) building on foundation of Cambridge Secondary 1. This provides excellent progression to the next stage of Cambridge International Education – Cambridge Advanced Level which include AS (Year12) and A2 (Year13). This Advanced Level as well cater for; Cambridge International Diplomas and the Cambridge Pre-University.

As a measure of learners’ performance on international level, the school enables learners in year9 to do Check Point examinations from Cambridge University. The Check Point tests are available in English, Mathematics and Science. The tests cover all areas of learning required in the first years of an International Secondary Education.

Middle Secondary Learners/ Cambridge Secondary 2

The middle secondary learners/ Cambridge Secondary 2, do their final IGCSE examinations in Year 11. This is done after successive preparations and internal assessment with careful monitoring of the progress and giving feed back to both learners and parents.

The Upper Secondary/ Cambridge Advanced Level (Advanced Level A2)

The upper Secondary/ Cambridge Advanced Level (Advanced Level A2), Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS). AICE Diploma, - Cambridge Pre-University are offered with our main sitting in May/June session but with a provision of November / December.

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