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Saturday, 12 April 2014 13:58

Parent-Teacher Conference


The Parent teacher conferences at Kabojja are always a much anticipated event for all the stake holders. The teachers are eager to meet with the parents and discuss the welfare, challenges and way forward in regards to the learners’ academic and pastoral wellbeing in school.

The turn up to the October 28th Parent – Teacher conference was very good and we are grateful to those parents that made the effort especially those who are not resident in Uganda.

The Parents were able to meet with each individual subject teacher of their children and discuss in depth the challenges that the learners were facing academically and otherwise.

This parent teacher conference was very interactive since the parents came in with their children at their convenience and had ample time to discuss with the teachers, tutors, wardens for the boarding learners and administration.

The feedback from the sessions with the parents was discussed in a general meeting with the staff and Administration.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 13:06



School trips are one of the things school children look forward to during their school life and the experiences and memories from them are extremely durable. A school trip with its natural dynamic environment provides a learning venue that matches their natural inclination to know more about things, engages even those with short attention spans and puts the learning subject in context.

within successful Primary Schools curriculums are enriched by first-hand experiences, including visits locally and further afield, contributions from adults with knowledge and skills that could enhance pupils’ learning, and an extensive range of extra-curricular activities. Our students visited the following places

Kindergarten & reception

Wild Life Education Center


·         Learners should be able to relate themselves to other animals.

Year 1 & Year 2

Mission Aviation Fellowship & Kajjansi Roses Ltd.


·         Explore the environment around school, different means of transport.

·         Explore plants, their needs and how they are grown.

·         Learn about safety in environment in relation to transport plants.

Year 3

Katende Harambe Rural Urban Training Center


·         Explore plants and how they grow.

·         Domestic animals and their uses.

Year 4

Metrological Centre


·         They have weather as one of their Geography topics.

·         They need to apply the skills learnt to the current situation.

Year 5 & Year 6

Katende Harambe Rural Urban Training Center


·         It has variety of plants which is one of major topics.

·         Covers fish and animal farming.

·         Relatively clean compared to other centers.



By Marie Jundah Matsiko


During the Summer Holidays, teachers at KIS get the opportunity to attend various training workshops and refresher programs. These workshops are not only intended to improve the performance and competence of staff, but most importantly, they are meant to impart self-improvement/development skills. These training workshops have inculcated great insight into members of staff as well as moulding them into holistic and productive citizens beyond the school environment.

These just concluded summer holidays (August 15 – 17, 2017), we had the privilege of meeting, learning from and sharing with a renowned facilitator, a great motivational speaker: Ethan Mussolini – The Merchant of Success! Ethan and his team instilled in us life-changing lessons:

i.          Discovering One’s Purpose, that is working within the realm of one’s purpose to produce excellent results

ii.        Leaving an exemplary legacy

iii.      The importance of documentation

iv.      Setting a personal mission

v.        Techniques for winning mindsets: Respect for others, passion for work, focus on minors

vi.      Dropping the defense mechanism and excuse vice

vii.    Managing time

viii.  Supporting others to grow, hence growing

ix.      The Principles of Excellence, Urgency, Professionalism and Ownership, and

x.        Constant innovation, finding something to improve daily


Three key activities particularly wowed and drew the teachers’ interest;

1.      Mussorobics

Besides being an exceptional speaker, Ethan Mussolini is an apt and fit instructor. The training sessions were intertwined with Aerobics that he termed Mussorobics, comprising a number of different dance-like exercises with the goal of dropping the member guard, loosening up, creating a conducive environment for study.

2.      Putting Pieces Together Activity

By putting cut pieces of cards together to make complete cards, members of staff learnt many lessons ranging from Patience, Team work, Exchanging what you have for what you want to the importance of completing tasks.

3.      Forks and Bottles Activity

This activity taught us that learning does not end, so the teacher is not a know-it-all. We also saw the importance of effective communication and making all things possible as long as there is a good working environment.


On the whole, these workshops help in rejuvenating the mind and body of the staff members, preparing them for new academic year. It is indeed a great opportunity that makes one a teacher, but also an indispensable one. All this is curtsey of our mindful and selfless Directors, who see the value of investing greatly in workshop trainings.






Thursday, 30 July 2015 13:53

Internship Training



Work experience 2017

It is a pleasure to inform you about the students Internship exercise for 2017 that ended on Friday 4th August 2017.  This is an annual school event specifically for students of Year 11 & 12 where they are placed in different organizations that offer services in line with their future career.  Several learners of year 11 & 12 learners were placed in different fields of Medical, Engineering, Law, Fashion and Design, Accounting and Finance, Management, among others.   Working in these various fields gives an opportunity to our learners to work closely with a professional in that aspect. 

According to learners’ reports, they all had a fulfilling work experience. They are particularly appreciative for the exposure and hands-on learning experience. This to them was interesting meanwhile some learners found it quite challenging.  They were able to make informed decisions about their career choices. In that respect, some learners decided to build on their earlier career paths, while others decided to have their earlier career choices changed after getting exposed to what their careers involve; in terms of daily routines, nature of work done, preparation and expertise required.

On this note, the members of careers office invited the concerned parents for a discussion with their learners. We are happy to inform you that this meeting was fruitful as learners’ concerns were considered and they were guided into their preferred careers.  This is the ultimate purpose of internship. 


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the following organizations for the opportunity they gave our learners to undergo this very important training; May Medical Centre, International Medical Centre, Pearl FM-Kampala, Mukwaya General Hospital, International Hospital Kampala, Updeal Construction Company, Design Group Associates Kampala, Silk Events, Isbat University, Hot 100 Fm, Cassia Lodge Kampala, UAP Insurance, Footstep Furniture, Hot loaf Bakery, Uniserv education consult, among others.  We hope to continue working with you as we develop each of our learners’ full potential.

Below are some of the internship engagements.


Wilber Muwoya

Careers Advisor

Wednesday, 19 December 2018 12:53



The Engineering conference was held at Kabojja International School particularly to inspire the students who have intentions of pursing Engineering courses. The facilitator gave the learners insights on the subjects that are key when one has interest in pursing any engineering course at university level. The facilitator also demonstrated some designs of robots that he had created as a result of his skills. 


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